Instrument Hire Request - for Individual Hire

1. Information for hirers

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the hire of an instrument. Please complete the following questions. The information provided will be used for purposes relating to instrument hire and will be shared internally where appropriate.  It will not be processed or shared for any unrelated purpose.  For further information on how we process data please see our full privacy notice at

By completing this form you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions

Looking after the instrument
When we provide the instrument, we include standard cleaning materials and a guide to how to look after the instrument.  Please ensure your child follows the instructions on cleaning and looking after the instrument.  Keeping the instrument clean reduces the chance that it will need repair or maintenance.  All accessories and cleaning materials supplied should be kept with the instrument and must be returned at the end of your hire.

Routine repairs and maintenance
Even instruments in good condition need routine repairs or maintenance from time to time.  If you think that the instrument needs maintenance, please contact our office and we can arrange for you to drop the instrument into our workshop in Willand so we can assess the instrument and carry out the work, where possible. If the repair or maintenance is the result of fair wear and tear (normal use), we do not charge for the work. However, if it appears that the instrument has been damaged or not looked after correctly, you will be charged for the work carried out. In some cases we will arrange for an external professional repairer to carry out the work and you may be billed for this. Please ask your teacher for advice about buying any additional accessories such as reeds, strings, valve oil etc.

Loss or damage
As the Hirer, you are responsible if the instrument is lost or damaged for the duration of your hire. This includes damage by a third party therefore you should check it can be stored safely at school between lessons. The hire agreement makes clear that you must keep the instrument insured against all risks. It is often possible to include musical instruments on your household contents insurance. You should contact your insurer to find out if this is possible.

If the instrument is damaged whilst in your possession, you must tell us. We will assess any damage and decide whether the instrument can be repaired or must be replaced. Please note that we will not reimburse you if you get the instrument repaired by a music shop or independent repairer without prior agreement.

Hiring or buying: how long should you hire?
Our hire service is aimed mainly at children starting to learn an instrument, but you can continue to hire until the child is 18 years old.  It is not intended to be a substitute for owning an instrument.  As your child makes progress, sooner or later you will need to think about buying them their own instrument. 
It is a good idea to talk to your child’s music teacher about when and how to buy an instrument.  Prices of good quality musical instruments have fallen greatly in recent years .The Arts Council supports the ‘Take it Away’ scheme whereby you can buy an instrument and pay the costs back in instalments over time - see In addition, ask your child’s school about the the possibility of an assisted purchase, whereby instruments can be bought through the school, free of the VAT charges.

When you want to stop hiring – terminating the hire agreement
You must give us notice when you want to stop hiring (see clause 8 of the Terms and Conditions). The hire agreement remains in force and we will continue to charge rentals until you return the instrument to us at our Willand office, or to a place agreed with us.  It is not sufficient to return the instrument to your child’s school or teacher – you must give us notice and arrange the return of the instrument.

If you have any questions, please call 01392 287235 or email

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2. Full name of the child/young person who will be playing the instrument


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4. Full name of school. If the child/young person is home educated, please state 'Home Educated' *


5. Which instrument would you like to hire? Please note that if you wish to hire a Violin or Cello you will need to measure the height of your child in centimetres before answering the next question.

1/10 Violin 102-109cm / 4-5 years
1/8 Violin 109-116cm / 5-6 years
1/4 Violin 117-125cm / 6-7 years
1/2 Violin / 12" Viola 126-135cm / 8-9 years
3/4 Violin / 13" Viola 136-148cm / 10-12 years
Full size 4/4 Violin / 14"+ Viola 149cm+ / 12+ years

1/8 Cello 105-124cm / 4-7.5 years
1/4 Cello 114-134cm / 5.5-9.5 years
1/2 Cello 125-144cm / 7.5-11years
3/4 Cello 135-154cm / 9.5-12 years
Full size 4/4 Cello 155cm+ / 12+ years *


6. Does your child participate in an ensemble or music centre funded by Devon & Torbay Music Education Hubs? If no, please move to the next question

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7. The usual hire rate of an instrument is £30 per instrument per term (for a minimum of 4 months). However special discounts can apply for students at Devon or Torbay Local Authority schools and Academies in certain circumstances.

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8. If your child has been playing an instrument as part of a Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET) or KICKSTART programme at school or as part of a hub funded ensemble or music centre and wishes to hire the same instrument, please submit the serial number of the instrument here. The number should be written on the case and instrument.
If this does not apply to you, please move onto question 9.


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14. Please note that from 23rd March 2022, instruments will need to be collected from our Willand office. We are open Monday-Friday between 9am-4.30pm. *


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